ZW Data Action Technologies Entering into Partnership to Redefine and Increase the Traffic Value of the Enterprise WeChat for Better ROI

BEIJING, Dec. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ZW Data Action Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: CNET) (“ZW Data” or the “Company”), an integrated online advertising, precision marketing, data analytics, and other value-added services company, today announced that it has entered into partnership with Sanyi Internet Information Technology Inc. (“Sanyi Internet”) to consolidate and redefine the traffic value of WeChat business account for better return of investment (ROI) on streaming ecommerce. Sanyi Internet is a strategic operator of Internet users in WeChat ecologic private business domain. Partnering with Sanyi Internet, the omnichannel ecommerce platform (“Chuangye”) officially launched by ZW Data is expected to facilitate diversion private domain traffic from Enterprise WeChat business accounts, and enabling enterprise users increase the monetization of the areas of customer acquisition, service methods, and…

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