Why the new generation is addicted to technology?

Addiction to technology dominates all psychiatrists’ conferences as a subject that has to be examined furtherly. In the past, when we talked about addiction, we mainly referred to substances. Nowadays, technology is present and dangerous, far more than substances. Before we move further let’s make a quick clarification between the internet and technology addiction. In the first case we refer only to people who depend on the internet, while in the second case we talk about the impulse control disorder that has to do with any technology. It includes gaming, the internet, and generally addiction to any kind of screen. Younger ages suffer a lot and the reasons why people turn there have to be examined to see how we can overcome any issues related to tech addiction.

  1. It helps detour social anxiety
    Turning to technology is a perfect way to avoid being with people. Those who have difficulty in social relationships feel protected when they…

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