We’ve seen technological advancements soar, now it’s time for personal development

Like it or not, the impact technology is having on our daily lives is only just getting started. According to Moore’s law, the rate of technological advancement doubles almost every year. This prediction from 1965 has proven to be entirely accurate and with nothing to suggest this trend will change any time soon, the limits of what has been possible in the tech space are being blown apart at an exponential rate.

The point is, while technology is guaranteed to continue to evolve exponentially unabated, there is certainly no guarantee that human consciousness will grow at the same rate.

As technologist Reiner Kraft says “With technology advancing rapidly with the added fuel of artificial intelligence (AI), there is a possibility that mankind will be in serious problems if global human consciousness cannot grow fast enough.”

If we don’t find a way to evolve our collective consciousness, the consequences will be catastrophic….

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