US investigation finds Amazon illegally fired warehouse worker

A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) investigation has found merit to a complaint that said Amazon illegally discharged a protesting warehouse worker in New York City, according to an NLRB spokesperson.

Gerald Bryson, an Amazon associate, was helping to lead a protest outside a company warehouse in Staten Island, New York on 6 April while off the job, when he got into a dispute with another worker, according to Bryson’s attorney Frank Kearl.

Amazon later fired Bryson on the grounds that he had violated its vulgar language policy, Kearl said.

In a statement, an Amazon spokesperson said Bryson was “witnessed by other employees bullying and intimidating a female associate” and that “we look forward to sharing the facts on this case”.

While it respected workers’ rights to protest, Amazon said, that did not give them impunity when acting wrongly.

The news was earlier reported by Motherboard, which also reported that Bryson, who is…

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