Unlocking data and embracing digital technologies to transform citizens’ health and wellbeing

If the coronavirus pandemic and Europe-wide lockdowns taught us one thing, it is just how
reliant we all are on digital technologies – including for our own health, and that data was in the right place at the right time to answer the right questions.

Nigel Hughes is Scientific Director at Jannsen Research and Development (Johnson & Johnson), a Corporate Knowledge Partner of All Policies for a Healthy Europe

Digital health can have a transformational impact on the well-being of EU citizens: from telemedicine enabling safe remote treatment of patients, to health data access allowing tracking and treatment of diseases, and Artificial Intelligence enhancing clinical decision-making. In April 2018, a European Commission Communication on the Transformation of Digital Health and Care stated the following: “Digital solutions for health and care can increase the wellbeing of millions of citizens and radically change the…

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