This was the year TV figured out technology. Finally.

If it weren’t for technology, 2020 would truly have been the end of the world.

We’ve had plagues before. We’ve had calls for social justice and government reform. We’ve had elections, overthrown tyrants. But we’ve never had it all at once, with a population of over seven billion and endless news and communication at our fingertips.

TV and movies have no choice now but to incorporate technology and social media into characters’ lives and worlds, but even decades into the 21st-century this can sometimes feel forced, stilted, or inauthentic. You get a sense that the people making these stories aren’t necessarily engaging with whatever device or platform they’ve written into it, which can alienate the viewer or create something entirely unbelievable. 

Everyone alive has lived through this.

But 2020 has made it impossible, or at least unacceptable, to go back to that life. This was the year everyone in the entertainment industry took…

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