The Video Games That Got Us Through 2020

The theme of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series seems to be that every choice you make is wrong. The plot, based in the same universe as the popular comic and television show, follows a young girl named Clementine (and a diverse set of other characters) through the apocalypse. The episodic game is closer to an interactive narrative, where you pick dialogue in a limited time and make lasting choices that affect the story.

The writing leads to decisions and conflicts that seem to mimic real life in 2020: a radio broadcast in the game states that the affliction was spreading unchecked, that the death toll was skyrocketing and that avoiding contact with exposed individuals was vital. During an actual pandemic, this story line hit differently. I couldn’t help but reflect.

Jason M. Bailey, senior staff editor, National desk

The annual Call of Duty games are known for frenetic multiplayer action, and the rapid pace — spawn, kill, kill, die, spawn, die,…

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