The first big problem with Steam Deck: playing popular games

Rumors end of May said Valve was about to introduce a portable game console similar to the Nintendo Switch. Almost two months later, Valve supplied the Steam Deck. It’s bigger and more powerful than the Nintendo Switch, but the new gaming rig seems to be mesmerizing fans. The strange reservation process started on Friday in different markets. Lots of players complained online that they couldn’t put their money where they were interested. You cannot buy the console, you can only reserve one with a small deposit. You can always change your mind after paying the first $ 5.

Despite the excitement early on, Steam Deck could already have a huge software problem for Valve to fix: running the popular games customers want.

The reason Nintendo gets away with releasing a new version of Switch, the not a sensible hardware upgrade are the games. Nintendo has a huge collection of original titles that gamers want. These games are not available anywhere else. Customers may not like the lack of hardware upgrades on the Switch OLED. But they will tolerate it as long as they can get Mario and Link.

Valve’s new console seems like a more impressive machine than the Switch. It’s basically a portable PC that should be running the best games on the Steam store. But that’s only a small piece of the puzzle.

The early problems with the Steam Deck software

Valve’s Steam already has millions of customers. That explains the great interest in the Steam Deck. Unlike Nintendo, you can play all of these Steam games on one PC. As long as the hardware supports it, the games will work.

The Steam Deck hasn’t even come out yet and already has a huge software issue that Valve needs to fix. Per Kotaku, Steam Deck may not be able to run some of Steam’s most popular games. The list contains Fate 2, Apex legends, Rainbow Six Siege, and PUBG. That’s a big problem for a game console that starts at $ 399 and goes up to $ 649 depending on storage options.

Valve’s new Steam Deck has better hardware than the Switch OLED. Therefore, the more expensive price makes sense. But the software could be a problem.

The Steam Deck runs a custom Valve Operating System (SteamOS) based on Linux. In addition, Valve performs a function called Proton, which ensures that games can run on Linux.

However, running the above games is an issue on the current Steam Deck prototype. Apparently the games crash or fail shortly after launch. Kotaku says the problem with the Steam Deck software may already have an explanation. It’s the anti-cheat systems that come with the games that don’t run well on the prototypes. This results in players being “insta-booted” from multiplayer servers. That’s the kind of problem Valve needs to solve before the Steam Deck hits stores.

The Windows solution

An unofficial fix already exists. You can run the full version of Windows 10 on the Steam Deck. Valve isn’t going to force SteamOS on anyone, and that’s a great feature. But you’ll have to spend extra cash on Windows if SteamOS doesn’t let you play your favorite games.

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