Technology powering farmers’ protest at Delhi’s Singhu border

New Delhi, December 16 

It’s been over two weeks since thousands of farmers arrived at Delhi’s Singhu border to demand a repeal of the Centre’s agri reforms. Over the days, Good Samaritans, gurdwara committees and NGOs have pooled technological resources to ensure the agitation isn’t hampered by the lack of basic amenities.

Gigantic machines that belt out 1,000-1,200 chapattis in an hour, washing machines and solar panels installed on tractor-trolleys for charging mobile phones — technology is keeping the protesters camping at this highway-turned-township going.

The chapatti-makers ensure timely meals for the protesters and that ‘langar’ is served smoothly till midnight.

“This chapatti-making machine is fully automatic, you just have to put the dough inside. It cuts the dough into circles and in no time you get the chapattis.

“We start the machine around 7 am and it runs till 12 am….

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