States Plan to Accuse Google of Illegal Monopoly in Online Ads

A group of state attorneys general plan to accuse Google of illegally abusing its monopoly over the technology that delivers ads online, the attorney general of Texas said on Wednesday, adding to the company’s legal troubles with a case that strikes at the heart of its business.

The complaint would add to the fierce bipartisan backlash against one of the county’s biggest tech companies. Regulators in the United States and Europe have focused on the outsize role Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google play in the modern economy, shaping everything from how we shop to what information and entertainment we see.

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission and more than 40 states accused Facebook of illegally crushing competition by acquiring younger rivals, and argued that the company should be broken up. An additional case against Google, brought by a separate set of states, is expected soon. Apple and Amazon are both under federal antitrust investigations, too.

This is a developing story….

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