Smash Summit 11 is the first Super Smash Bros. tournament to hit a $ 100,000 prize pool with more time to grow | Point esports

Beyond the summit smash Summit 11 has broken every record the franchise’s esports scene and becomes the largest prize pool in Super Smash Bros. History and the first in-game competition to reach a prize pool of $ 100,000. The milestones come shortly after the second round of crowdfunding from fans who want to help sponsor their favorite players to join the event.

The summit voting season is a hectic time in the Close combat Community, with players and streamers taking on every challenge, gimmick, and incentive to try and get their communities to secure a spot at the event.

With crowdfunding, as the name suggests, fans can vote for their favorite players in the voting pool by spending money on merchandise or subscribing to the BTS smash Twitch channel. Although there are free votes, a player’s community organizes the majority of the votes and strategically drops them in large “Spirit Bomb” movements to try to secure a seat.

The process is broken down into three different segments, with two players locked up every two days after the voting phase begins. Hungrybox and Logan “LSD” Dunn were the first two players selected this year, with Ax and Dawud “Aklo” Rahman taking the record breaking climb.

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Overall, the event has a total prize pool of $ 102,016 for lone warriors, down from $ 244,099 store purchases and donations, 90 percent of which are crowdfunded. This also helped fund some of the more elaborate content fans will see on the stream, such as Mario party (but with real money) and the always popular mafia Nights.

With only two places left on the board, the movement behind Nick Yingling has the Arizona Everyman well ahead of S2J, n0ne and Wizzrobe. The last voting period ends on July 5th and you can find all voting details on the smash Summit 11 page.

Before this event, smash Summit 5 was the biggest prize pool for everyone smash Event, which stood at $ 83,758 in 2017 and was the only Summit event in the top five on the list, according to Summit Esports revenue.

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