Smart Home Technologies Reshape Real Estate Preferences in 2020 – Economic Research

This year’s historic events have had a strong impact on our society, economy, and real estate markets. From the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying quarantines, and from the civil unrest brought about by inequality to the economic recession and its aftermath, 2020 has been a dramatic year. The swings and changes were also reflected in the country’s real estate markets. The volatility has re-shaped how we view our current homes, and what we look for in our next ones.

Earlier this year, we asked consumers across the country to share how the pandemic impacted their living conditions, how the quarantine shaped their preferences, and what the coming of age of remote work meant for housing choices. The results revealed shifting preferences, underscoring a migration toward space and affordability, which benefitted suburban neighborhoods and small-to-midsize towns.

As we approached the end of 2020 and the promise of…

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