Simple Advent, Abundant Life: take a Christmas vacation from technology

Third week of Advent—Consumption

Day 21: Saturday, Dec. 19



“Remember the sabbath day — keep it holy.”

-Exodus 20:8 

“Selah is found in the Hebrew Bible seventy-four times. Scholars believe that when it appears in the text, it is a direction to the reader to stop reading and be still for a moment, because the previous idea is important enough to consider deeply. The poetry in scripture is meant to transform, and the scribes knew that change begins through reading but can be completed only in quiet contemplation.”

-Glennon Doyle, Untamed 

An exploration of consumption and simplicity would be incomplete without reflecting on the role of technology in our lives. In addition to the environmental and human rights issues associated with the mining of resources to create new phones and tablets, unconscious scrolling on our gadgets can make us less present to the people around us, rewire our brains…

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