Retail, Banking, and Technology Sectors Driving Global Holistic Web Protection Market, Finds Frost & Sullivan


Shift Into Hydrogen Could Lift These 3 Stocks Higher

In a report on the alternative fuel market, analyst Rupert Merer, of National Bank of Canada, looks at the possibilities and potentialities of the hydrogen as both an energy resource and a commodity. At the heart of the matter, he writes, “Stakeholders across energy markets have reached the consensus that climate change is a problem and decarbonization of our energy supply mix will require a multifaceted approach which includes H2. It is estimated that H2 could supply 15% to 25% of global energy needs…” Merer adds, of hydrogen’s potential benefits, “H2 has the ability to reduce emissions in sectors where decarbonization is otherwise challenging, such as freight logistics, collective transport and industrial heating.”So what is hydrogen, and why is it important? Hydrogen is the most plentiful element in the observable universe, and is a common building block in…

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