Real Life Business Lessons: How to use technology to turn big problems into big profits

Talk to successful business people and ask them two things.

1: What did they do to build their successful business?

2: How did they handle the many challenges along the way?

Whenever I do this I’m amazed at the terrific ideas I get.

And that’s the purpose of ‘Real Life Business Lessons.’

I’ll be interviewing a wide range of successful business people around the country and finding out what worked well for them.

* Graham McGregor on What is your ‘Clients for Life’ marketing programme?
* Graham McGregor on is your marketing ‘pull and stay’ or ‘push and pray’?
* Bookkeeper of the year Haylee Wrenn shares her top tips to help your business survive

And how they solved big problems along the way.

With the goal of uncovering some helpful ideas that you can use in your own business.

In this issue of Real Life Business Lessons you’ll learn how a business owner used technology to turn business problems into business…

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