Port of San Diego approves pilot with FREDsense Technologies to Develop Rapid Stormwater Monitoring Device

The Port of San Diego has approved a pilot project with FREDsense Technologies Corp. to develop a portable five-in-one field-testing sensor device to provide real-time metals analysis for stormwater monitoring.

FREDsense will utilize their pre-existing titration platform optimized for the environmental remediation industry to produce an automated testing system for stormwater analysis, which will test the levels of various metals in San Diego Bay including aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and nickel, all of which are currently manually monitored under the Port’s stormwater programs.

“Having this technology and being able to easily and quickly access information related to stormwater will not only benefit our Port, but this project has the potential for adoption by ports and terminals nationwide, or even globally,” said Commissioner Rafael Castellanos, Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners and Chair of the Port Environmental…

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