New technology detects viruses in the air

SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — It’s a new piece of technology in the fight against covid-19. A machine typically used to detect mold and bacteria in the air can now help tell if covid-19 could be thriving in the same air you’re breathing.

Nate Stokes, Visiting Angels, said, “Equipment like this is going to be key to make sure that everyone feels safe going in to certain buildings, schools, hospitals, offices even, I mean everywhere.”

A machine called the insta scope now joining the fight against covid-19.

“Well InstaScope and the abilities it brings, will make a difference in a lot of different ways.”

Insta scope was originally developed to detect mold in the air. A new software update gives it the ability to see bacteria.

Stacy Beasley, Springfield Quality Services, said, “Our Bio app has the ability to recognize the bacteria and viruses in the air, not only bacteria and viruses but your mold and…

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