New production technology for heavy goods vehicles


IMAGE: Hydrogen: Researchers of KIT seek to use the potentials of fuel cells for heavy goods vehicles. (Photo: wbk, KIT)
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Credit: wbk, KIT

In five years’ time, it is planned to extend the EU climate goal of reducing CO2 emission of new vehicles by 37.5% until 2030 to heavy duty vehicles as well. Stricter goals are currently being discussed in the EU. In 2019, 409,801 commercial vehicles were registered in Germany, of these, 38,620 semitrailer trucks. So far, they have not been subject to any CO2 reduction requirements. Within the “KliMEA” project, researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) will now extensively study drive systems of heavy duty vehicles and fuel cell technology to find ways how future production of fuel cell components can be adapted to the new requirements.

Fuel cell technology appears promising to reduce CO2 emissions of heavy duty vehicles by 15% until…

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