New federal technology aiming to reduce ammonia emissions in poultry houses – 47abc

DELMARVA- Poultry producers here on Delmarva now have access to a new piece of federal technology that aims to reduce ammonia emissions in poultry houses.

It’s called an ammonia capturing system, and what it does is it recovers the ammonia nitrogen from chicken waste.

Researchers said before this technology poultry houses did not have many ways to capture ammonia.

“Right now, they use fans in their poultry houses, and that exhausts a lot of the ammonia,”Dr. Patricia Millner, with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service, said.

That ammonia can be harmful to the environment, chickens, and the producers- so they are hoping their new ammonia capturing device will make a difference.

“And for economic benefits to the poultry growers by reducing bird mortality, improving worker health cause their not exposed to the high ammonia levels,” Dr. Millner, said.

But that’s not the only benefit of this technology , we’re told it can…

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