Manufacturers increasing investments in digital technology in response to pandemic – The Manufacturer

The pandemic has sharpened the need for manufacturers to invest in digital technology to better predict the unpredictable, Paul Wellener, vice chairman, U.S. Industrial Products and Construction Leader at Deloitte, said as part of a December 8 briefing on Deloitte’s 2021 Manufacturing Industry Outlook.

“As manufacturers, we can better cage those black swans,” Wellener said. “Manufacturers across the board will have to become better at creating visibility and better at forecasting ability. The disruption during the pandemic has shown how quickly manufacturing operations can come to a standstill and also shown how quickly manufacturing can bounce back. Manufacturers who made digital investments have bounced back quickly. Agility is the key. If manufacturers continue to invest in digital capabilities, they will be able to respond to black swans, not just the…

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