Local company working to bring more diversity in technology

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – The world of technology is one full of possibilities, but not necessarily full of diversity.

In a recent study of the top 75 Silcon Valley companies, only 17% of the workforce was women and only 3% was Black.

A Columbus company wants to do something about that, with a new initiative it is funding.

“I looked at underrepresented groups, minorities, people of color, women, anyone in the LGBT community, and said how can we start to bring more of these folks’ opportunities in technology.” said Alan Kutasy, Founder and CEO of Agility Partners.

So this summer, Agility Partners decided to fund scholarships for three students to take part in a 14-week training program in software engineering. Upon completion, a local company would agree to hire them. The cost of each student is $15,000, money well spent in Kutasy’s mind.

“So teams that are more ethnically diverse actually outperform other…

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