Leveraging new technology to source and secure carrier capacity – FreightWaves

By Dan Cicerchi, VP and general manager, transportation management at Descartes

Freight brokers of all sizes have always faced fairly common challenges in securing carriers, but it can be particularly tough in today’s environment with rapidly changing volumes, shifting distribution models and a prolonged driver shortage. Add in COVID and other unexpected sources of supply chain disruption and brokers can find it exceptionally difficult to find the right carriers for new customers, lanes, modes and geographies. This environment can also make it tough to be strategic about the carriers you choose. 

Seeking out capacity the old way—countless phone calls, spreadsheets, undocumented tribal knowledge, physical maps and word of mouth while scouring multiple carrier portals and load boards with stale or unverified data⎯ is chronically inefficient. Tendering and tracking loads once you do have a carrier is also time…

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