KULR Technology to develop 3D printed battery systems for space missions

KULR‘s passive propagation resistant (PPR) and internal short circuit (ISC) technologies will be used to develop 3D printed battery systems for deployment in future space missions. The PPR 3D Printed Battery System by KURL technology will meet the JSC 20793 Revision D safety standard created by NASA for crewed space missions.

The Company’s PPR solution was already used by NASA to transport to and store batteries aboard the International Space Station. Earlier this fall NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) selected KULR for a dual-use technology development agreement to build 3D printed battery systems for manned and robotic space applications.

KULR Technology
The Battery ISC Device allows researchers to predictably instigate battery cell failure and then study the causes behind them in order to build safer batteries. Illustration by Joshua Bauer, NREL.

NASA employs highly rigorous assurance and safety standards, especially for KULR’s…

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