Is Baidu (BIDU) Stock Outpacing Its Computer and Technology Peers This Year?


Rich States Uncover Tax Windfall, Undercutting Push for Aid

(Bloomberg) — It was a shocking, and seemingly improbable, figure.Eight months into the pandemic — and the brutal economic collapse it triggered — California’s budget watchdog said the state was poised to pocket a windfall of some $26 billion. Just as New York and Connecticut had revealed weeks earlier, tax revenue was coming in at a clip no one expected, thanks in part to the booming stock market.And so it has largely played out across the country this year, albeit to a smaller extent in many of the less well-to-do states. The fiscal apocalypse expected to blow massive holes in state budgets hasn’t come — at least not yet.This in turn is providing fuel to the argument made by some Republicans that additional federal aid for states and municipalities can wait until next year instead of being settled in the relief package that’s being heatedly debated in…

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