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Apples “iPhone 13“Rumor has it that it could contain a larger wireless charging coil than the iPhone 12, which could offer reverse wireless charging as well as faster overall recharge times.

The MagSafe The wireless charging system enables the delivery of up to 15 W of power to a supporting iPhone, well above the level of wireless charging without MagSafe. However, Apple could increase this 15 W to a higher level in the next generation of iPhone.

According to sources by Max Weinbach by EverythingApplePro, Apple could use a much bigger one wireless charging coil in the “iPhone 13.” The larger coil increases the surface area of ​​the area used for wireless charging itself, which offers a number of advantages.

This includes that the iPhone can handle the heat generation from the component more easily, as well as allows the use of higher wattages.

The size of the charging coil can also allow the iPhone to charge other devices in a reverse wireless charging mode. This could potentially enable an iPhone to use products like a AirPods wireless charging case from the back of the iPhone.

In June, Bloomberg Sources claimed Apple was very interested in bringing wireless charging to the world iPad Pro, and could also include “bilateral” wireless charging at the same time. Air force, Apple’s multi-device charging mat, was apparently still in the works.

Apple has also experimented with high-performance wireless power technology. In 2017, Apple acquired the startup PowerbyProxi, which offered a system that enabled the transmission of 100 watts of wireless power with a 65mm coil.

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