Innovative Technologies That Reduce Shrinkage and Risk to Increase Profits

Tally smart shelf

Tally Solutions LLC works with retailers and solution providers to discover and innovative technologies that reduce shrinkage and risk to increase profits. Tally’s leadership has over 75 years of loss prevention technology development, sales, and marketing experience.

Loss Prevention

The patented Smart Shelf platform alerts to potential organized retail crime (ORC) activity by measuring the amount of product removed from the shelf. Once the predetermine amount of product is removed, a pre-recorded announcement is played over the store PA system, along with a text or email sent to the appropriate store personnel.

Subsequently a video is recorded and uploaded to the Tally secure portal. Upon hearing the audio alert, offenders often either put the product back on the shelf or abandon the product in a different aisle and leave to store. The Smart Shelf does not require any in store labor to…

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