How to modify security access restrictions on the My Account portal

  1. Login to My Account
  2. Select Account Profile > Administer Company User Access.
  3. From the Security Access Model page, select Open Access Model or Secure Access Model.
    • Open Access Model – This Access Model allows all of your staff to have unrestricted access to all tools within My Account.
    • Secure Access Model – provides you with the ability to control access to your Citrix account information on a granular basis. In this model you are required to identify a minimum of two unrestricted access contacts within your organization who will manage the access rights for all other users associated with your account. All other staff members will have restricted access to selected tools in My Account.

NOTE: If an Access Model has not been selected the system defaults the account to the Open Access Model, which restricts all newly added contacts.

  1. Click Continue
  2. Click OK after reading the informational pop up window verifying your choice.
  3. If you chose Open…

Open on


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