How technology rewrites your diet

Your diet is determined in large part by your tastes and by the climate and culture where you live. But technology also plays a big role. Whether we look forward or back in time, we can see how new technologies change what and how we eat.

Such changes can come from many places: from engineers who develop a new kitchen appliance like the microwave or the multi-cooker, from food scientists who pioneer novel techniques to produce more plant-based foods, or from entrepreneurs who raise millions in venture capital funding to sell meal kits online.

The following experts describe some advances that have had a large impact on our food system, and others that will transform it again in the years ahead.

New ways to get around

Million Belay

Million Belay


General coordinator, Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (Ethiopia)

Horses are still the main mode of transport for many people in rural Ethiopia. Lately, though, new…

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