How Seiko Epson Is Using Digital Technology to Transform the Textile Industry

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Published 16 hours ago.
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Image: Textile designs by Aguri Sagimori (pictured) expressed through digital sublimation transfer printing technology. | Seiko Epson

Through its cutting-edge inkjet textile-printing technology, Seiko Epson is
aiming to not only transform the textile industry, but to help solve an array of
social issues caused by analog printing in a range of fields.

Printing technology is essential for fashion brands. Just as printing on paper
has shifted from analog to digital, textile printing in the apparel industry is
about to be transformed by digital technology — driven largely in part by
companies such as Seiko Epson, and its cutting-edge
inkjet technology. Beyond transforming the textile industry, Epson aims to help
solve an array of social issues in a range of fields.

Here, Nobuyasu Tanaka — a representative of Sun Messe Innovative Network
(Sinc), and a…

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