How green technologies may ‘outcompete’ high carbon sectors by 2030 | Greenbiz

Zero emission technologies can “outcompete” older carbon-intensive industries across multiple sectors worldwide within a decade, as investors, businesses, governments and consumers demand a shift towards cleaner, greener solutions throughout the 2020s, a fresh analysis has suggested.

Greenhouse gas emissions and global temperatures may have continued to rise in the five years since the Paris Agreement was brokered in 2015, confirmed by the latest edition of the Emission Gap report from the UN Environment Programme. But investment in and deployment of low carbon technologies and solutions has accelerated significantly over the past five years and is poised to surge over the coming decade, according to a major new study from consultancy Systemiq.

The report, “The Paris Effect,” details how clean and green solutions are on course to become competitive with dirtier counterparts in sectors accounting for over 70 percent of global…

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