Hackers Guide to New Normal Hospitality Technology

IT Hospitality joined forces with Tony Leca, CEO of Ethnic Technologies and Kees van Donk, Senior Director Travel, Hospitality & Leisure at NEC Enterprise Solutions – EMEA to create a “Hackers Guide” of easily applicable Technology solutions that enhance the new normal requirements with a focus on delivering on the requirements and expectations of hotel guests in post covid hotel operations ensuring guest security, health, safety, improving revenue and controlling costs.

The global hotel industry has suffered and recovered from its fair share of crises over the past decades, from economic downturns, terrorist attacks and natural disasters, but nothing has shaken the hospitality sector quite like the current COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has forced most hoteliers to re-examine their fundamental strategies of preparedness, business survival, daily operations, HR policies and technological investment. In the face of this unforeseen…

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