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High-tech “hub” enhances DroneHunter performance; acts as a force multiplier for defeating dangerous drones

Pleasant Grove, UT – December 16, 2020 – Fortem Technologies, the leader in airspace security and defence for detecting and defeating dangerous drones, announced today the availability of its custom DroneHangar™, a high-tech hub that houses the Fortem DroneHunter® and dramatically improves its performance. Eliminating the need for manual delivery, setup, and launch by personnel that is required of most counter-drone mitigation solutions, such as hand-held jamming and net guns, DroneHangar is a force multiplier that makes engagement and mitigation of threatening drones, at a safe distance, possible.

Drone Hangar is tightly integrated with SkyDome Manager software, enabling the expeditious launch of DroneHunter in under six seconds. This autonomous, rapid deployment also reduces the need for operators or technicians…

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