Fitbit Is Already Working On New ECG Technology For Its Wearables

ECG technology in wearables is a fairly new feature and Fitbit is among the brands that offers it in at least one product. But it seems that Fitbit didn’t stop there as it’s apparently working on a new ECG technology for its future wearables.

Having an ECG app on something like the Fitbit Sense, which is the single wearable from Fitbit that includes this, allows the user to keep track of their heart rhythm. That way it’s possible to tell if there are any irregularities. However you have to initiate the use of this technology anytime you want to check on it. Fitbit’s new ECG technology though would go beyond that.

New ECG technology from Fitbit would allow for continuous tracking

Much like Fitbit’s continuous heart rate tracking feature, which is available on a number of its devices now, the new ECG technology the company is working on would let users continuously measure their ECG.

Called PPG assessments, this new tech is currently…

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