Eyesight Technologies Changes Name to Cipia

Eyesight Technologies, a leading provider of in-cabin computer vision AI solutions for the automotive industry, changed its name to Cipia. With Cipia’s unique market position, addressing the coming phases of advanced driver monitoring systems (DMS) and emerging occupancy monitoring systems (OMS) market, the company selected a name to support its vision for the future of automotive experiences – AI solutions that improve the safety and overall automotive experience by understanding the behavior and activities of the driver and passengers.

The name Cipia is inspired by our brain’s occipital lobe where humans derive meaning from the sense of vision. The occipital lobe ‘translates’ what we see into an understanding of the environment around us, and the name Cipia was born to reflect the company’s vision and its intelligent sensing capabilities. With the evolution of Cipia from its beginnings in classic computer-vision to …

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