Exclusive: How American Airlines Is Opening Up Europe With Technology – Simple Flying

Global travel has been severely disrupted amid the health crisis. There are still many routes that remain seriously impacted by these challenging conditions. Simple Flying this week spoke with American Airlines MD of Customer Experience Innovation Kim Cisek, about how her company is using technology to reopen markets.

American Airlines 777
American Airlines is determined to reopen travel. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | JFKJets.com

Significant measures

The most notable impact on commercial aviation this year has been the stringent government restrictions introduced. For instance, general travel for most passengers to the United States from Europe has been banned since the middle of March. As a result, American Airlines is working hard with health institutions and governments to help passengers fly safely as the harsh climate continues. Altogether, technology is crucial in this mission.

Cisek explains that her airline has taken a three-pronged approach. It firstly has…

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