Enhancing Customer Experience with Innovative Technologies

“Against the unprecedented backdrop of COVID-19, the need for rapid innovation in our industry has never been greater. Customer preferences are constantly evolving, and new technologies are transforming the way we interact with our stakeholders,” said Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China. “We will continue to explore and roll out new and exciting innovations to better serve our customers and communities and drive sustainable growth.”

Pizza Hut and KFC Self-Driving Cars

In November 2020, Pizza Hut and KFC piloted a fleet of self-driving cars on the streets of Shanghai. Consumers were able to view breakfast options via a transparent display window and order through their mobile phones by scanning a QR code. After payment, the door of the car will automatically open and the order can be taken away by the customer. Meanwhile, to maintain meal quality standards, the car is equipped with proper insulation to ensure products are kept at the…

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