Does DOT Have the Workforce to Safeguard Automated Technologies? – Homeland Security Today

Automated technologies in planes, trains, and passenger vehicles can perform tasks without the need for human operators—like crash avoidance systems that automatically slow cars down to avoid a collision, or positive train control which is designed to automatically slow or stop a train in certain cases where it is not being operated safely. Automated technologies can also facilitate the transfer and loading of freight at commercial ports. Furthermore, the increased use of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, as well as the emergence of urban air mobility, bring a new wave of automation that needs to be safe and could even be targeted by bad actors.

Consequently, the Department of Transportation (DOT) needs a workforce with skills related to these technologies in order to ensure the technologies are safe to use. But the Department’s workforce faces challenges related to overseeing the safety of automated technologies, including the…

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