Deliverect uses virtual reality technology to bring employees together for the festive season

GHENT, Belgium, Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Deliverect, the global Europe-based scale-up supporting restaurants to streamline orders from third-party food delivery and online ordering services, has shared details of its alternative online Christmas extravaganza following a year of record growth.

In celebration of the continued hard work and support its employees have given to the hospitality industry over the past year, Deliverect will be gifting each member with the Oculus – Quest 2, one of the most advanced VR headsets currently on the market. The VR headset will enable Deliverect’s employees to join a specially designed virtual reality (VR) Christmas party taking place on 18th December.

The VR Christmas party will reunite employees based around the world in lieu of any physical face-to-face celebrations as Covid-19 restrictions remain in force in many countries.

Oculus VR Headsets allow the user to experience VR like never-before…

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