Create a secure “office” that works anytime, anywhere

Remote working has been around for a long time, but what was once reserved for the roving executives and die-hard salespeople has now become or close to the norm.

Of course, the cause of this is the coronavirus pandemic, but the change has been dramatic. According to data from EU labor research agency Eurofound, Ireland had one of the highest homework rates in the bloc in 2020.

However, those sent home on March 13, 2020 could be given a mixed view of remote work. Not only were networks and systems non-existent; Even basic technologies like laptops were nearly impossible to obtain due to fluctuations in the supply chain.

Now, more than a year later, however, companies are trying to turn uncertainty into certainty, and that means introducing software that supports and facilitates remote work, because despite the introduction of the vaccine, the future remains uncertain.

“Your data is exposed and your applications have to work smoothly; it is…


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