Cerebrum Sensor Technologies unveils revolutionary tire load and tread depth monitoring solutions.

Despite these challenges and trends, LA-based Cerebrum Sensor Technologies has doubled down with development of smart tire technologies.  “When we launched Cerebrum last year we knew it was the first product on the market to offer real-time tread depth monitoring; so we had to set the bar high.” said Keith Ferry, CEO of Cerebrum.  He added, “This year we’re excited to add the radial tire load measurement feature to our innovative smart tire solution.  With the ability to monitor tread depth and tire load, we’re enabling an industry shift away from reactionary servicing of tires to proactive, preventative servicing.” 

Innovation is nothing new to the team at Cerebrum, who’s founders pioneered the introduction of aftermarket tire lettering in 2007 through their company Tire Stickers.  Cerebrum made a splash at the 2019 SEMA Show and 2020 CES event with the launch of their product: the market’s first commercially available…

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