Bedsure Combines the Best of Comfort and Technology with Their New Low-Voltage Heated Blanket

Bedsure’s heated blanket is designed using 24 volts, which is the safest a blanket can use to still be effective and provide distributed warmth throughout the blanket and to your body. This low voltage design also means there’s no risk of electric shock or radiation while the blanket is in use. This makes it a great option for little ones who are prone to spilling or even for pets with a tendency to chew. If your pet accidentally gets a hold of the heating wire and chews through it, he won’t get electrocuted or harmed. Bedsure has taken stringent measures to ensure the blanket adheres to all standards of safety. In addition to designing the blanket with a family-friendly low voltage, it also received a UL and CE certifications, which means that it passes rigorous safety standards both in the United States and in Europe.¬†

Overheating Protection 

Heated blankets are a fantastic option for those who struggle with poor circulation and…

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