Asthma Monitoring Technology Uses the OTHER Thing Asthmatics Typically Carry: A Smartphone – My TechDecisions

People with asthma typically carry their inhaler with them wherever they go – but if they’re keen on modern asthma monitoring technology, then they’ll also be sure to carry their smartphone.

The Asthma Guardian by Resmonics is a system to help asthmatics gain more control over their condition.

According to a recent Tech Acute report:

This helps monitor asthmatic symptoms and keep patients notified about their health status. It uses clinically validated digital biomarkers that have been developed throughout five years of medical research.

With this, it can detect the disease process, evaluate the different biological indicators of asthma, and help to detect asthma attacks, all from the user’s smartphone.

For Asthma Guardian to work, the patient must place their smartphone in their bedroom. From there, the app will automatically monitor the symptoms and report if there are any abnormalities as the patient sleeps soundly at…

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