Analysis | The Technology 202: Europe’s proposed digital rules target Amazon, Facebook and other big tech companies

The rules would build on the aggressive stance the European Union has already taken on regulating American tech companies’ data privacy practices under its sweeping General Data Protection Regulation. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission yesterday brought an approximately $546,000 fine against Twitter for not properly documenting or notifying authorities of a data breach that became public in January 2019. 

Europe is moving much faster than the United States in forming tech regulations.

That is potentially giving the E.U. the opportunity to influence tech regulation throughout the world, as countries including the United States move to more aggressively regulate the tech industry. Already, GDPR is influencing how companies manage their data, and U.S. lawmakers have asked European officials and companies about it as they craft privacy regulations. 

The new proposals – known as the Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act –…

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