Americans Show Growing Interest in Smart Home Technology

smart home, technology, phone, securitySmart home technology has continued to grow in popularity this year, according to a recent survey from

As more Americans are spending an increased amount of time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, smart home technology has become an important component of modern living. Smart home technology now serves Americans’ needs on multiple fronts, including safety, security, energy efficiency, entertainment, and relaxation. 

The survey includes opinions of more than 2,000 Americans who and YouGov surveyed between December 3 and December 7. Survey respondents answered questions about their thoughts on smart home technology. 

Results of the survey show that 57% of all Americans and 61% of younger Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 already own some type of smart home technology. The most commonly owned items included “smart TVs (36%), smart home speakers (22%), smart doorbells (12%), robot…

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