Addressing the Nursing Shortage With Technology

The nursing shortage in Texas and around the country is not a new phenomenon, but the pandemic has put the issue in high relief. Dallas-based Sadiant, an app and web-based on-demand medical staffing company, may be part of a solution. 

 The Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Solutions data say that between 2019 and 2032, nursing supply will grow by 30.5 percent, but demand will grow faster. By 2032, the nurse supply will not meet more than 16 percent of demand. The greatest need is for nurses in hospital settings. During the same period, the center predicts a surplus of nurse practitioners and certified registered nurse anesthetists. This imbalance creates a demand for placement companies to respond in real time to the ebb and flow of hospitals’ needs.

During the pandemic, as certain regions were overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases and required extra staff, other areas did not have enough work, and nurses were left with fewer shifts…

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