ACLU Technology Expert: Police Reform Bill’s Facial Recognition Limits Bring ‘Common Sense’ Regulation To ‘Dangerous Technology’

The fate of the police reform bill passed by the state legislature earlier this month is up in the air. That’s after Gov. Charlie Baker sent it back to lawmakers last week with changes. The governor takes issue with several of its provisions, including a limit on the use of facial recognition technology by police. Kade Crockford is director of the Technology for Liberty program at the ACLU of Massachusetts. She spoke with GBH All Things Considered host Arun Rath. This transcript has been edited for clarity.

Arun Rath: Let’s break down the limits this bill would put on facial recognition technology, because we hear about this referred to as a ban on facial recognition technology. But it’s not a ban, rght?

Kade Crockford: It’s not a ban, no. What the legislature sent to the governor’s desk a few weeks ago, and unfortunately what the governor rejected, is common-sense regulation that would ensure that we can use this technology with narrow…

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