Accenture Makes Strategic Investment In Reactive Technologies – ChannelE2E

Accenture has announced a strategic investment in Reactive Technologies, a London, England-based provider of power and grid technologies. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Reactive helps utility companies accelerate their transition to low-carbon energy, a business in which Accenture is eager to be involved. As the company points out, renewable energy is expected to be the largest source of electricity generation worldwide in 2025, with data and digital technology being key enablers for the shift.

“To effectively integrate the surge in renewables, power grids will need more visibility over network conditions to accurately balance the grid and manage inertia, or system strength,” the company said. For its part, Reactive Technologies provides measurement, real-time analytics and data services to help grid operators and other energy market players.

Accenture’s Investment: Untapped…

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