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In case you missed it, Chattanooga has a stand-out entrepreneurial + tech scene, and one of the most recent, unique examples of that is Branch Technology.

The 3D printing + architecture tech startup just raised $11 million to expand its work, which involves giant robots. That’s right, robots. 

We talked with the company’s Advanced Concepts Team + Director of Communications John McCabe to get the latest details. 👇

Fast facts 

Company: Branch Technology
Location: 1530 Riverside Drive
Building size: 50,000-square feet
Industry: Tech/architecture
Number of employees: About 30
Recent fundraising: $11 million
Total fundraising: $22 million
Recognition/awards: National Science Foundation grants, NASA Habitat Challenge + more

The freeform printing allows for more innovative designs and is efficient, using 20 times less materials than traditional 3D printing materials. | Photo: Branch Technology

Tell us about Branch 

Branch Technology is a…

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