8 Technology Products to Help Combat COVID-19 Spread in the Workplace – My TechDecisions

While we’re all feeling uplifted by the fact that a COVID-19 vaccination is on the horizon, businesses are still in need of solutions to help contain the spread before a full vaccine rollout takes place a few months from now. This is especially true as mobile workforces become hybrid, with some returning to the office before summer 2021.

The two main issues in IT departments around the world this year consisted of how to efficiently roll out a remote workforce and then how to welcome back at least part of that workforce under certain conditions.

The latter is a process still happening today, and will only continue to grow in importance as we get closer to widespread vaccine availability.

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Thousands of solutions revolving around remote work and reopening have surfaced incredibly fast this year, proving just how adaptive the technology industry can be to unexpected and…

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